Enjoy Your Next Vacation on Christmas Island

An interview with Andrew Jackson Jihad in anticipation of their show at El Corazon with Dogbreath and Hard Girls on July 25th

   For most of the people reading this post, I assume that you know who Andrew Jackson Jihad is. Assuming this I can probably also assume that you have heard Andrew Jackson Jihad’s music. Despite my knowledge of who will most likely be reading this post, I will still be giving you my own bleak and slightly opinionated overview of who Andrew Jackson Jihad, a band that I love but have no credible association with. If you would like to skip my bantering and get straight to the interview, feel free to scroll down to that part of the post. I will be slightly offended by this action, but I will have no idea who to direct this frustration at so I think it’ll all work out in the end.

Andrew Jackson Jihad is a violent, folky, and intelligent, band full of a bunch of skater punx that happen to be quite clever with words and with instruments. With the exception of Against Me! AJJ is probably the most widely known Folk Punk band around. With tons of split EP’s and a way of explaining beautiful situations in a disgustingly violent, ironic way, they are lyrical gold to any person with a clever wit and punky outer shell. Patched jean jacket and all, AJJ fans are dedicated and the last AJJ show I saw was wild, fun, friendly, and slightly dangerous.

AJJ is currently on their Christmas Island tour celebrating the release of their Christmas Island album. The album lives up to all expectations and if you have not heard it check it out. The guitar is fast, the bass is strong, and the vocals are not only raspy, but high pitched. If you have not heard AJJ and somehow stumbled across this post, I would suggest for you to listen to Getting Naked Playing With Guns. It is a little slower of a song but it gives you a good taste of the way that AJJ writes; “gorgeously f—ed up” would be a good description.

Their show at El Corazon on Friday July 25th is on the same night as the first day of Capitol Hill Block Party but like all other AJJ fans I will not be missing any AJJ.

Here is a short 10 question interview that I had with Andrew Jackson Jihad, mostly with their bassist Ben. I was asking the questions(Q) Ben and the rest of AJJ were answering(A) said, questions.


Q: We are sure you get this question a lot, but how did you come up with your band’s name?

A: We had been discussing the tumultuous life of Andrew Jackson quite a bit. We had a show coming up and needed a name for the flyer. Just blurted out “Andrew Jackson Jihad” and called it good.


Q: Who would you list as your influences, musically, and personally? What sort of influence have they had on you?

A: You can probably hear some of the obvious influences in our music. What may not be immediately evident is that we are heavily influenced by Caffiene and the Wayne’s World Movies.


Q: Who have been your favorite bands to tour with?

A: Hard Girls and Dogbreth!


Q: Having just released Christmas Island, what is next for Andrew Jackson Jihad?

A: A healthy amount of US and International touring. Maybe “Andrew Jackson Jihad the Cereal”? Who knows?


Q: What are your favorite hobbies (please label which hobbies are for which member)?

A: Sean: Skating

Deacon: Cooking

Preston: Record Collecting

Mark: Video Games

Ben: Beanie Babies


Q: What is your favorite/least high school memory, musically, or nonmusically?

A: Favorite: I landed the ten stair at Chino Valley High School. Best day of skating I’ve ever had.

Least Favorite: I was arrested later that day for skateboarding on the roof of the abandoned Safeway store.


Q: What musicians would you like to tour with, but you haven’t gotten the chance to yet?

A:  It will never happen but a dream tour would be to open for Neil Young. He’s one of our favorites.


Q: What is something surprising about AJJ that we may not know?

A: Deacon (drummer) recently auditioned for Master Chef. Didn’t quite make the cut though. Ha!


Q: Who in your group would be the most likely to win Survivor(the TV Show)?

A: I(Ben) would, because I’m not here to make friends.  : )


Q: Which characters of Sesame Street would each of your members identify with?

A:  Oscar the Grouch. We live in a mobile garbage can (our van) and we have bad attitudes.


-Marcus Shriver / A Pill / KSUB Community Outreach Director

Everything you need to know about the Capitol Hill Block Party: A Masterpost

Oh Hey!

So y’all are most definitely checking out the line-up for CHBP and planning out your days according to which artists you’re going to see, I’m sure. To make your scheduling easier and more efficient, we had our incredible KSUB reporter(s) put together some previews for the weekend. If you’re not sure who to see or who some of the artists are, HAVE NO FEAR! We’re here to bring you news and the best info. Read up and enjoy! Links below.

A$AP Rocky- Headliner

Iska Dhaaf


Dum Dum Girls 



Wild Ones


- Jasmine Schwartz/Shorterall Enthusiast/ News Director


P.S. This is our 101th post! Isn’t that exciting? Maybe not for you, but this is like…my life…so it matters. I promise.

(Big) Spoon: Spoon at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 10:45 – 12:00AM Friday July 25th Main Stage

Spoon, hailing from Austin, Texas, is set to play Capitol Hill Block party Friday, July 25th. Spoon has certainly paid their dues, formulating in 1993 (the same year I was born) and they released their first EP on vinyl in 1994. If that’s something you can relate to, feel free to reevaluate why you’re still reading a college radio blog, but no judgment. Post vinyl, “making it” as you will was not always smooth sailing for Spoon. After being signed to their first major label, Elektra, they were dropped when their A&R guy, Ron Laffitte, peaced out. Spoon penned songs about their frustrating representation in the songs “The Agony of Laffitte” and “Laffitte Don’t Fail Me Now”.

Spoon deserves major respect for confronting music industry bullcrap (gotta keep it clean for the young ones, you know) with class and post punk pop bangers. Spoon now has eight albums to their name the latest of which is titled They Want my Soul. The first single of this 2014 album “Do You” (now on Spotify) stays true to the distinct Spoon sound. It’s fun, upbeat, and catchy. Spoon’s music oozes cool and isn’t that what we need in this Seattle heat? This veteran indie band is a great addition to the Block Party line up and I am jazzed to see them.

Megan Castillo / Scrabble Champion / KSUB Reporter

Not just a place in Poulsbo you’ve never visited: Lemolo at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 4:00 – 4:30PM Friday July 25th The Vera Stage

A lot of the time when I read band or artist bios it’s really awkward. A lot of them are like weird mystic stories that have nothing to do with music and some are just really depressing because you can tell the band has done nothing impressive and their agent can’t write at all, but that’s not the case for Lemolo. While reading the Capitol Hill Block Party bio of Lemolo the word “dannnnnnng” continued to be uttered aloud as I read. Lemolo is the creative baby of Meagan Grandall who is a Washington native from Poulsbo. She named her dream-pop band, which consists of Grandall and drummer Kendra Cox, after Lemolo Shore Drive in Poulsbo, her high school chillin’ spot.

Lemolo has only one album under their belt but they have impressed many in the Seattle music community with it. Their first album Kaleidoscope released in 2012 was named KEXP’s Top Listener Voted Album of 2012 (dannng) and Lemolo was named Best New Music by City Arts magazine (dannng). With those strong accolades to their name Lemolo looks like the next big thing in the Seattle scene. So why don’t we all go see Lemolo Friday July 25 before they get way too big so we can tell everyone we saw Lemolo at Block Party on the Vera Stage before they got huge. Plus Grandall is an SU alum and isn’t that what we all want post grad? A super promising dream pop band and not a frustrating retail job. I think so.

Megan Castillo / Recovering Crust Punk / KSUB Reporter

Wild Ones at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 7:00 – 7:45PM Friday July 25th The Vera Stage

Wild Ones, from Portland, are fresh off the release of their latest album Keep It Safe. Keep It Safe took two years to write and nine months to produce. The lengthy creative process involved in the development of Keep It Safe can be attributed to Wild Ones DIY collective attitude toward music making. Keep It Safe was made almost solely by the band themselves. Wild Ones have adopted an all inclusive music making process which although time consuming has been very satisfying for all members who’s voices are equally present in the album.

Wild Ones latest album is filled with tranquil indi-pop jams with techno undertones. This makes them a great book for this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party. The line up this year is heavy on electronic bands and Wild Ones provides a very needed transition from electronic heavy bands like Chromeo and ODEZSA to the moreindi-pop/rockbandslikeTheWaronDrugsandDumDumGirls. I’mofthe opinion that this niche is not only present in the Block Party line up but in popu lar music as a whole. Wild Ones has a lot of promise and I’m excited to catch them Friday July 25 at the Vera (all ages) stage.

Megan Castillo / Princess Bubblegum Suitor / KSUB Reporter

Pop Beats With an Indie Feel: Tanlines at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 6:10 – 6:40PM Sunday July 27th The Vera Stage

With complex electric drums, and great keyboard work Tanlines makes you feel like you’ve spent the whole day in the sun drinking lemonade and eating pizza. A consistent singer in the band separates them from other electric bands that have different singers on each song, or simply use samples.

A duo from New York, Tanlines is an unexpected breath of electronic indie. It combines very full old sounds that are bright and poppy with new indie sounds of picture filters and good times. Tanlines is a great crossover band from electronic to indie, from classic to new school, from bands like the DoDo’s to bands like Tennis.

I am very interested in this band’s stage presence and whether they play instruments live or simply DJ it live. I would love to see a live keyboard or guitar but I would be just as excited to see a very lively DJ performance.

Marcus Shriver / A Video Game Builder / KSUB Community Outreach Director

Post-SubPop Magicians: The Thermals at Capitol Hill Block Party

CHBP Set Time: 11:00PM to 12:00AM Saturday July 26th The Vera Stage

With a singer that sort of sounds just slightest little tiny bit like Gordon Gano of The Violent Femmes, and guitars that mix heavy chords found in punk music and single notes found in pop music, The Thermals are hard to describe unless you have heard of Sub Pop records. Sub Pop is one of the last hopes for indie music. Their musicians show a wide range of experimental, weird, and post pop bands that push the boundaries of music genres. The Thermals being the outcasts that they are, fit perfectly in the Sub Pop Records’ line up with catchy music that has a taste of irony and sincerity.

The Thermals have some short choppily sung songs, some heavily gained songs, and some song that just sound plain happy. They can give a full spectrum of emotions and a full sound that I am very excited to see live. The energy that I hear through their recorded songs remind me of fun punk bands, but I am simply left wondering if their live presence will live up. The Thermals are a band that I do not have much experience with but I am very excited to see them especially to hear songs off of their latest grainy album Desperate Ground. If you are looking for a song recommendation I would recommend the Sunset, it has a good tempo that shows both pop and punk roots.

Marcus Shriver / A Dry Water Bottle / KSUB Community Outreach Director