Treefort Day 2

Hi there, McKenna again! I’m slowly gettin’ my act together and writing a few things about the rest of my time at Treefort Music Fest 2014. Although I do not consider myself the best blogger out there- I wanted to cover this music festival because I truly care about local music which is what most of Treefort seems to be all about! Right on!

On the second day of Treefort Music Fest I was so excited to see as much music as I possibly could! Here are some highlights from the day:

THEESatisfaction, a funky and psychadelic duo from Seattle,  got the Main Stage all warmed up for the weekend. It was great to see a some familiar Seattle faces dancing in the crowd!


Our Second stop was the District Coffee Shop to see another Seattle group, The BGP. Sofia and I got over initial surprise that there was a huge Seattle act that we had never heard of once we walked through the door. This soulful group filled the shop with earnest lyrics and dance-worthy melodies.

TheBGPThings got a little cheesy when they decided to “bring back the slow dance” but it was sweet all the same to see strangers dance with one another to a slow song and it was only the first of a few performances that included a moment dedicated to slow-dancing. Apparently its a major concern for many contemporary bands! I think KSUB can get behind the revive of the slow dance.

Future Twin, a band out of San Francisco, CA arrived late to their set at The Bouquet but brought it to their shortened set – and a little angst because they are obviously a band that is used to the rock-n-roll lifestyle that allows them some delay.FutureTwin2

FutureTwin1Jean was the most composed, feminist rockstar I’ve had the pleasure of watching up-close a few times. Every time she plays she seems to roll with any small hiccups with a sense of humor and grace that you wouldn’t expect from a musical perfectionist, especially when pedals aren’t working or things haven’t been set up due to a rushed and delayed soundcheck. The fans pleaded for more after Future Twin’s short set but the festival had to stick to a pretty strict schedule that early in the evening and they gracefully left the stage after three awesome songs.

We ran next door to catch a song or two of the always-loud Seattle favorite, Dude York before running off to see Kris Orlowski whose set was almost impossible to catch a glimpse of at the overcrowded Pengilly Saloon. Even his beautiful songs couldn’t smooth over one of the waitresses who was obviously and verbally angry about the amount of people packing the venue.

Leaving Pengilly and feeling a little overwhelmed by the bad attitudes I had encountered there, I was happy to go somewhere new. It could almost seem a spiritual coincidence that I wound up at the Linen Building watching Arrington De Dionysos’s Malaikat Dan Singa – yeah it’s a mouthful. And an earful and an eyeful if you get a chance to see these guys live.


Arrington, pictured above, explains that he started the band and so he could call it whatever  he pleased- his nonchalant band name disclaimer of sorts. Between thowing a microphone into his saxophone to solo or showing off almost t’ai chi inspired slow dance moves- this frontman of the sometimes-described as “trance punk” group is immersed in every song and seems to transport into his own universe in front of the crowd while his equally talented but more modest bandmates support him on drums and bass.

The night ended with Mount Eerie. Phil Elverum’s soft vocals accompanied by only a large gong and an old keyboard provide for a sound that is both low-fi folk and an almost avant garde spin on rock music. Though midnight at a music festival may have been a strange time for this project to take the stage, it is hard to deny that Mount Eerie displays both musical and lyrical genius.

McKenna Haley / Drinker of  Rainier – even in Boise / Promotions Director

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